PILDAT & Youth Parliament express deep appreciation for Interloop Ltd. For support to YPP

Faisalabad, February 09: Interloop Limited, a leading global manufacturer of hosiery products, has made a significant impact on the success of the 17th Youth Parliament Pakistan. Their generosity has helped in providing a platform for young leaders to come together and discuss pressing issues facing the country and to find solutions through active engagement and debate.

Mr. Musadaq Zulqarnain, Chairman Interloop Ltd., Mr. Ahmed Bilal Mehboob Founder YPP & Mr. Faheem Ahmed Khan, Senior Projects Manager; Feb 09, 2023 at Interloop HQ in Faisalabad

The chairman of Interloop Limited, Mr. Musadaq Zulqarnain, is a visionary leader who has always believed in the potential of the youth and has supported their endeavors to make a positive impact in society.

Mr. Zulqarnain sharing his kind remarks and admiration at the mementoes presented by the YPP Team to him as tokens of gratitude; Feb 09, 2023 at Interloop HQ in Faisalabad

With their support, the 17th Youth Parliament Pakistan has been able to create a space where young leaders can voice their opinions, share their ideas and work together to create a better future for their country.

Mr. Ahmed Bilal Mehboob, Founder YPP & Ms. Amna Kausar, Manager/Coordinator YPP presenting a Memento to Mr. Zulqarnain, Chairman Interloop Limited; Feb 09, 2023 at Interloop HQ in Faisalabad

The 17th Youth Parliament Pakistan would like to thank Interloop Limited and Mr. Musadaq Zulqarnain for their contribution and for their continued support in the growth and development of the youth.