Overwhelming majority of youth loses confidence in education system to effectively prepare them for the workforce: YPP launches second edition of Voice of Youth

October 13: Following are the key findings of an opinion survey conducted among the 429 members and alternates of PILDAT’s Youth Parliament Pakistan spread over 232 (85.3 %) of total 272 National Assembly Constituencies in addition to Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan and Overseas Pakistanis. The survey was conducted from September 26 to October 03, 2022 and is the second edition of the Voice of Youth, centering around the theme of Youth & Education.

An overwhelming majority has lost confidence in the education system to effectively prepare them for the workforce. 65.9% of the youth surveyed believed that the current system cannot equip them with the market’s required system while just 29.9% thought otherwise.

49.6% of youth feels strongly that higher education in Pakistan is not affordable at all. While 35.4% are of the belief it is moderately affordable but only a mere 12.3% believe higher education to be affordable in today’s day & age.

Major challenges faced by the education sector due to Covid-19 outbreak: Lack of compatible/alternate learning modes in the absence of a physical campus tops the list with 28.9% followed by the severe learning losses and resulting educational inequalities (25.4%) and lack of internet facilities (20.3%).

Youth wants the digital sector to be the focus of the education department. In light of the recent trends brought in by the digital era, young respondents believe that Information technology (33.8%) and Artificial Intelligence (17%) should be the focal point of the higher education system.

What encourages Pakistani youth to study abroad? Tough economic situation and resulting limited prospects of an academic or professional future (52.4%) is the key reason for students opting for overseas education followed by hopes of settling abroad for a better economic lifestyle (20.5%).

Reinstating student unions’ in universities is the key to nurture the leadership potential of young adults. 36.8% of respondents advocated for the revival of student unions while 31.7% believe that providing guidance coaches to students will boost their leadership skills. Holding workshops (12.4%) and introducing courses (19.1%) can also bring a significant boost to students’ leadership skills.

64.6% advocate for improving the quality of faculty, facilities & management to improve the overall quality of higher education in Pakistan while 26.3% want the existing faculty to receive more advanced training.

Student unions and feedback sessions the best way to take students’ input on administration: 35.2% and 32.2% of the young respondents believe that active unions and feedback sessions, respectively, are the best methods of documenting students’ input on administrative affairs.

The Voice of Youth is a report series by PILDAT’s Youth Parliament Pakistan which aims to showcase the input acquired from the largest and most representative group of Pakistani youth (aged 18-29 years) spread over all provinces and territories of Pakistan and places of key concentration of Overseas Pakistanis around the globe on several socio-political and economic issues and challenges faced by them.

This edition’s theme is ‘Youth & Education. Under this month’s edition, YPP conducted a public opinion survey from its members of Youth Parliament to seek their input regarding the existing structure and resulting impediments of the higher education system of Pakistan. The survey captures Members of Youth Parliament’s sentiments related to the current situation of higher education in Pakistan as well as their future outlook of youth and education. The Voice of Youth report is meant to be a useful guide for the Government and policymakers involved in improving youth affairs.

Full Report can be accessed here.

Similar to the Youth Parliament Pakistan programme, PILDAT has been involved in multiple youth initiatives in order to improve political, legislative and democratic practices in the country. PILDAT, along with the Body Shop Pakistan are collaborating to bring about an increase the number of tickets awarded to young political candidates, through their campaign. In this manner, PILDAT aims to increase youth’s participation in the political and legislative spheres of Pakistan.