About YPP



To build leadership skills and critical thinking, foster political knowledge, and meaningfully engage the Youth of Pakistan in democratic decision-making, PILDAT launched the first-ever Youth Parliament Pakistan (YPP) in 2007.

Since then, 16 Youth Parliaments have built leadership capabilities of around 1,000 young Pakistanis of 18 to 29 years from all provinces and territories of Pakistan. A number of the alumni of the YPP now serve in leadership positions in politics, government, civil service, law, business, and corporate sectors.

Building on the learning from previous Youth Parliaments, PILDAT is launching the 17th Youth Parliament Pakistan in August 2021 to enhance knowledge and leadership capabilities of young Pakistanis on how to become good citizens and successful professionals as they are empowered to understand global, regional and local challenges and inspired to address these as next generation of leaders.

The YPP Motto is Pakistaniat- پاکستانیت– making youth Proud of Pakistan.